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Giving Mia the chance to shine


Mia* is 11-years-old and has applied to receive a Chance to Shine scholarship. As you will see she is doing things tough.

She doesn’t have the most settled family background. Her parents’ and sisters’ lives have been affected by difficult circumstances and money is short in their household. Despite all this, Mia’s love of dance shines out.

Mia’s teachers say that she had the best chance to be the first in her immediate family to change the direction of her life. Through dance, she had found something constant during a long period of uncertainty.

For Mia, dance is more than just a pastime; it’s a true passion. She practises every day and even choreographs her own routines.

Unfortunately her family hasn’t always been able to afford the costumes she needs and they don’t have a car to take her to classes. Mia has been lucky as friends’ parents have pitched in to buy her costumes and helped her get to classes. When she can’t get a lift she walks the nine kilometres to her class.

All the practice and instruction is paying off. Not long ago she won the school talent competition. But classes aren’t free and Mia’s parents can’t afford the costs that come with her lessons anymore.

Mia is just one of the children and young people who we have waiting for their applications to be granted. This is why we need your help.

Will you donate today so we can grant Mia’s application for a Chance to Shine scholarship?

If Mia’s application is successful, she will be able to buy those much needed new dance shoes for her growing feet; or ensure she can continue with her much loved dance classes or have her own special costume for the end of year concert. The scholarship will allow her to continue doing the thing she enjoys most and to keep hold of the ever-so-important stability she’s found.

We believe every child deserves the chance to shine. And the Chance to Shine Scholarship has definitely done that for both Grayson* and Cooper.

Seven-year-old Grayson* has recently been awarded a scholarship. He is a real cutie pie. He has intellectual and physical disabilities, and has been affected by family trauma.

His enjoys dance and acrobatics classes, and these are making a significant positive difference to his physical development.

As referees for Grayson’s application, his case worker and teacher believe if he continues these activities they’ll improve his intellectual development, eventually helping him with his learning and ability to concentrate at school.

OzChild happily approved Grayson’s application and now he can keep doing the dance and acrobatics lessons he has so much fun in.

And at the same time, it is helping him with his development at an important period in his life and relieving a little bit of the financial pressure on his family.

It is through the generosity of our supporters that we are able to provide these scholarships.

A real success story for the Chance to Shine Scholarship program is that of Cooper Lower.

Cooper is a gifted musician and had a goal of becoming a professional singer and songwriter. But he was torn on whether he should apply for the scholarship. He said he never wanted to play the victim and that, in his family, “we always had what we needed”.

There is, however, a difference between what a young person needs to survive and what can help them thrive. We felt that Cooper absolutely deserved a Chance to Shine scholarship. His was a story of hard work, humility, resilience and, in the end, enormous success.

When Cooper applied for the Chance to Shine scholarship he was living in a single-parent household and travelling 52 kilometres to school every day. He had a simple wish: to buy a new guitar, one that would do justice to his talents during live performances.

With the funds, Cooper bought a new guitar and launched his career. He now has two studio albums and will soon set out on an Australian tour. You can check out his music on his own website.

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You are a critical part of the solution. You can literally change the life of a child like Mia by making a donation. If you can only donate a little, don’t worry, it all adds up to make a big difference. It will this make stories like Cooper’s and Grayson’s possible and will help to make sure we can accept Mia’s application and others who are looking to reach their life goals.

Your tax deductible donation will help give children the chance to shine.


* All names have been changed for child protection and privacy.


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