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OzChild’s Treatment Foster Care Oregon program is reuniting children with their biological family (including kinship carers) or placing them in lower intensity long-term foster care after time spent in residential care.

OzChild is currently looking for individuals, or couples who are interested in becoming specialised foster carers or those wishing to care for a child long-term.

What is the difference between specialised foster care and long-term care?

The role of a specialised foster carer is to provide a positive environment which facilitates learning and exposes children to activities and situations they might not have experienced before – like brushing their teeth, eating dinner as a family at the table, or simply being praised for the nice things they’re doing, like using their manners which is often completely new for some of kids.

As a full-time specialised foster carer, you will:

  • Care for a child aged 7-11 in your own home for around nine months, supporting them to build life skills and develop their personal skills so they can build a range of coping strategies and problem-solving skills to address areas of difficulty in their lives.
  • Receive full training and 24/7 support.
  • Receive a tax-free reimbursement of $65,000 per annum, pro-rata.

Long-term carers are vital in providing the stability and permanency so many children need and crave. Committing to care long-term for a child or young person means they don’t have to move from one family to another – it means they can finally unpack their bag and focus on being a child, without the worry of where they might end up next.

As a long-term foster carer, you will:

  • Provide a safe and loving home for a child who has successfully graduated from the TFCO program and would otherwise have nowhere else to go.
  • Be recognised and supported as a long-term carer.
  • Make a significant difference in a child’s life, committing to care for them until they reach 18.

If you have time, can provide a safe and loving home, and are passionate about helping kids in your community, we would love to hear from you.

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