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Foster care FAQs


We know that becoming a foster carer is a big decision and you probably have a lot of questions. We’re here to answer them for you.

There are six important steps to welcoming your first child and/or young person into your home, and OzChild are with you every step of the way.
We guide all our prospective carers through a thorough recruitment process to ensure we provide safe and loving homes for children and young people. Our recruitment process is based on state wide standardised assessment and training guidelines from the Victorian Government. Learn more.

From the point of enquiry to accreditation, the process can take anywhere between 4 – 7 months.

Yes. Foster care is a commitment from the whole family, and when you become carers you become a foster care household. We strongly encourage all adults in the household to undertake the Shared Stories / Shared Lives training to ensure they feel well prepared and confident for their role as a foster carer.

There are several types of foster care, including emergency care, short to medium term care, long term care and respite care. Learn more about the different types of care.

Carers need support and respect delivered in a collaborative partnership with their agency to ensure the placement is successful for everyone, especially the child in care.

OzChild offer a unique support model. We support each foster care household with two professionals. One focussed on the child and case management. One focussed on all the carers in the household. Together they support both the placement and carers to achieve a stable and happy home for everyone. Learn more.

Our children are all ages, from babies through to teenagers and young adults.
We will help you consider the age and needs of the child you feel best match your family, interests, lifestyle and skills to help make the best possible match.

Yes. You can work full-time and foster. We tailor our support to ensure your foster care household and child/young person in your care thrives.

Yes. If you are a single person and have the energy and patience and care about children, you can become a foster carer.

Yes. OzChild welcomes carers from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and same sex relationships.

Children in foster care need to have their own space and privacy such as a bed and a place to store their belongings. Foster Children can share a room with your own children, taking into account the age and gender of the foster child and type of care.

Foster care is not paid employment. Foster carers receive a tax-free fortnightly carer contribution based on the age of the child to help feed, clothe, educate and meet the needs of the foster child in their care.

The aim of foster care is to provide temporary care to a child with the aim of the child returning to their birth family. If the Children’s Court decide the child will not be returning to their family, discussions will occur on a case by case basis as to whether the child moves into a longer-term foster care placement or permanent care.

OzChild recommends that you have finished IVF for at least 12 months before you start the foster care process. This enables you to make the emotional adjustments of not having a child of your own.