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Foster Care

Can you be extraordinary for a child who needs an ordinary life? Foster carers help families that do not have support networks to care for their children in a time of crisis, whether it be for a night, a week or longer.

Who needs foster care?

Children and young people from birth up to 18 years of age can enter the foster care system. They can enter care as individuals or be part of a sibling group. Children enter care either on a voluntary basis or through a placement with the Department of Health and Human Services, Child Protection.

Foster care may be needed because a birth family is experiencing stress and does not have effective support networks, or parents may be experiencing personal issues.

Who can become a foster carer?

Anyone aged over 21 years or older, with secure accommodation and appropriate space in the home can apply to become a foster carer with OzChild. Race, gender, marital status, employment, sexuality and religion do not affect a person’s eligibility to become a foster carer.

What support do foster carers receive?

OzChild provides full training and ongoing support with the aim of safely reuniting children back to their families. Foster carers receive 24/7 Case Manager and after hours support.

In a recent carer survey, OzChild was ranked the highest overall foster care organisation providing support with measures including respect, support and communication.*

Foster Care Association Victoria Survey 2017

How to become a foster carer

Contact us

Register your interest here or call 1800 954 550.

Talk to our carer recruitment team

Our team will contact you and send you an enquiry pack.

Attend one of our information sessions

Your opportunity to meet with our current foster carers to get an idea of how foster care works.

Complete our training program

We provide you with training to ensure you are confident in supporting foster children in your care.

Become a foster carer today

Contact our team for more information on how to become a foster carer and dates of our upcoming information sessions.

Call us on 1800 954 550, e-mail: or provide your details on our Enquiry Page.