Foster Care Week 2022

Foster Care, News | Posted September 12, 2022

Foster Care Week is celebrated in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia from 11-17 September.

Foster Care Week 2022 is here! This special week is celebrated in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia from 11-17 September. 

We are both humbled and amazed by the enormous contribution of our village of carers who open their homes, their hearts and their lives giving back to the community so selflessly. 

Carers play an essential role in the lives of children and young people; they give more than just a roof over head, a warm meal, and a cosy bed. They are a safety net, someone to rely on during the time children are away from family. Their unconditional love, kindness, and care making an incredible difference to the lives of many. 

It is no secret that it takes different types of carers to care for all types of kids. The amazing community of carers we have on our team make up a rich and diverse village, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, marital status, gender identities, or financial circumstances, day and night, these carers are providing a safe and nurturing home for a child or young person when they need it most.    

“Family is not defined by our genes; it is built and maintained through love.”

– Amalia G 

This Foster Care Week, they deserve the highest praise and gratitude. To all our superheroes, we THANK YOU! You are truly extraordinary! 

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“My role as a foster carer is challenging, surprising, and fulfilling, but most of all, it’s totally worthwhile. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!”

– Kellie, OzChild foster carer

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