TFCO: New Type of Foster Care Gets Kids Back on Track

TFCO: New Type of Foster Care Gets Kids Back on Track

For the first time in Australia, Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) – an evidence-based, internationally successful program – is providing an alternative to residential care and getting kids with problem behaviours back to a stable, family life.

For some kids, behaviour is no longer a choice

For some children, the effects of childhood abuse, neglect and being in the system have made it overwhelmingly difficult to manage their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. These difficult behaviours put those children and young people at risk of being excluded from the benefits of a stable family environment, creating a cycle of worsening behaviours and catastrophic outcomes.

Intervene with something that works

TFCO is an internationally-proven program that intervenes with children in residential care whose behaviour makes it difficult for foster carers to help them. This program delivers intensive support to the child, foster carer and birth family and has demonstrated success in transforming their behaviour, making it possible for children to settle into a stable family environment. Foster carers in TFCO are given specialist training and then are closely guided and supervised by a professional team as they help a foster child aged between 7 and 17 years old, over the six – nine month program.

TFCO at a glance

  • Evidence-based foster care
  • Proven overseas, now an Australian first
  • Short term placement (6-9 months)
  • Foster kids aged between 7-17 years old
  • Highly supportive team of six specialists
  • A proven method that works

Australian first program

This is the first time this evidence-based model of foster care is being delivered in Australia, through a joint initiative from OzChild and Anglicare Victoria, and supported by the Victorian State Government.

Join Us
To join this pioneering program as a TFCO Foster Carer and be a part of a team that transforms kids’ lives, call one of our representatives today – contact Virginia on 0450 605 247 / or Maree on 0488 350 015 /


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