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Functional Family Therapy

OzChild is now delivering a program in NSW to support families who have been affected by an adolescent behaving in an aggressive way within the home.

This internationally successful program is resulting in significant reductions in instances of violence. Functional Family Therapy is a family intervention program which supports adolescents with behavioural problems. Functional Family Therapy has supported many adolescents and their families in various multiethnic and Indigenous cultural contexts globally.

Based on the assumption that every family member’s behaviour serves a function within the family system, family members will experience:

  • Less conflict
  • Improved communication
  • Young person will better manage their behaviours, including violence in the family

In the long-term, a young person will be less likely to:

  • Reoffend
  • Misuse substances
  • Leave their family or be absent from school

How are services delivered?

Conducted in a home-based or clinical based environment.

Delivered across 5 separate phases, intervention typically spans 3-5 months.

Facilitated by experienced and suitably qualified therapists to help identify strengths and challenges within the family behaviours and
develop effective strategies for changing them within the family system.

Who are we supporting with Functional Family Therapy?

Providing support for families who may not otherwise engage with a service, the Functional Family Therapy model aims to engage young people and family members, providing an alternative to punitive approaches. The Functional Family Therapy program supports young people between 11-18 years who are exhibiting aggressive and in certain cases violent behaviour and substance misuse.

Further information

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