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Mothers like Krystal* are living in fear of a teenager who is using violence in the home, not knowing where to seek help or what to do.

Krystal* had called the police more than a dozen times because she feared her 13-year-old son, Bailey* and what he might do during one of his violent outbursts.

“Bailey would yell all the time and fight constantly with his siblings. Things got worse during lockdowns, and I really started to worry about my safety”

– says Krystal.

During the last few months, we’ve heard firsthand about the challenges families are facing, and the gaps in services available to support those in need.

So many families are at breaking point. The pandemic, coupled with a rise in the cost of living are contributing to an increase in mental health concerns, family violence and drug and alcohol misuse.

We want to be able to help more families during times of crisis, that’s why we are aiming to raise $30,000 by 30 June.

Please can you help us?

Family violence incidents where children and young people were present have surged over the years, and worryingly, we are now seeing the use of violence by young people increasing, especially within the family home.

That’s why we are determined to bring our Functional Family Therapy (FFT) program to more families and help break the cycle of intergenerational violence, giving them hope for a safer future.

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FFT specifically focuses’ on addressing existing trauma to reduce adolescent violence in the home, stopping harmful behaviours from escalating now and into a young person’s adult relationships.

Krystal admits the violence she experienced at the hands of her kids’ father has likely influenced the behaviours Bailey is now displaying.

“They’ve seen a lot, not just what their dad used to do but the way my ex treated me too. I didn’t know how to fix it, I couldn’t get them to leave the house or go to any appointments, the OzChild program was my last resort.”

Please can you help us reach more families like Krystal’s by making a donation by 30 June 2022?

Help us make a lasting difference in the lives of families and improve outcomes for young people by making a tax-deductible donation today

Yes! I want to make a difference and help families like Krystal’s during times of crisis.

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