Dr Lisa J.Griffiths - OzChild board

Dr Lisa J. Griffiths | Chief Executive Officer


February 2019 marked five years since Dr Lisa J. Griffiths took over the reins at OzChild and the future of children and young people certainly looks bright thanks to her dedication to achieving better outcomes and her inspiring leadership.

Dr Lisa J.Griffiths joined OzChild as Chief Executive Officer in February 2014. When Lisa arrived at OzChild the landscape of programs and services delivered was very different to today.

Throughout her career, Lisa has been instrumental in introducing systemic change involving primary prevention programs, evidence-based interventions and community awareness projects that address long term strategic needs, and enhanced outcomes for the community.

Lisa firmly believes in evidence based programs to deliver tangible outcomes for vulnerable people and is a strong advocate for using what works for Australian children and families facing vulnerabilities.

This belief led the introduction of new evidence based models into the program delivery offered by OzChild. Now the largest provider of evidence based programs in Child Protection, Family Violence and Youth Justice in Australia, OzChild is leading the sector achieving greater outcomes by doing what works!

Lisa has had an international executive career working in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom with over 28 years of direct experience in the Not For Profit and government sectors. While in the United States, Lisa was the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director of two child and family charities.

Lisa was the Director of Community Safety with the CFA during the period that included the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires and the subsequent Royal Commission. During her tenure, she also made significant contributions to land use reform.

Lisa continues to build on the wonderful legacy and successes of OzChild by challenging the status quo every day. “It is no longer good enough for a child to only get what is available. We must strive to give a child what is needed and what the evidence says works!”

“My vision is to ensure we provide the services needed in our communities to our most vulnerable children and families and deliver programs that are of the highest quality and make an impact in children and young peoples’ lives forever,” she says.

Most recently, Lisa was awarded a Doctorate in Business Leadership for her thesis on an Evidence Based Ethical Leadership Model for the Community Services Sector.



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