Craig's Fundraising Tips: Fundraising at your office for OzChild this Christmas (and beyond!)

Craig’s Fundraising Tips: Fundraising at work for OzChild this Christmas (and beyond!)


So you and your workmates have decided to give OzChild’s kids the best Christmas ever? Great! Here are just a few ideas for activities you can do to raise funds:

  • Throw a Christmas party
  • Host a morning tea
  • Go on a progressive Christmas lunch, Santa hats ‘n’ all! (i.e. a “Santa-Crawl”)
  • Have a best Christmas outfit competition

The “Christmas CEO” Lisa J. Griffiths (second from left) with her OzChild elves!

  • Host an afternoon tea
  • Run a workplace giving pledge-drive (for a few tax-deductible dollars a month)
  • Donate to OzChild as Secret Santa gift
  • Create your own fundraising lightning event using Everyday Hero 
  • Create a secret office flashmob then “pass the hat around” once you’ve dazzled everyone out of the blue
  • Start a get-fit-for-summer team, membership by donation
  • Compete for the best Christmas-themed office decorations


    OzChild’s Finance team were last year’s Christmas Decoration winners!
  • Uberise it – car pool and raise funds for OzChild’s vulnerable children at the same time
  • Take the stairs – get people to sponsor you to take the stairs up to your floor for a whole week
  • Lift tax – levied on anyone who doesn’t take the stairs to your floor for the weeks up to Christmas
  • Just about anything you can think of!

For support on running any of these events, don’t hesitate to contact Craig Goddard, OzChild Fundraising Coordinator, on 03 9695 2250 or email


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