Carla: Witnessing violence before turning five years old

Carla: Witnessing violence before turning five years old


Carla was an infant when she arrived in Australia but can recall watching adults and children being murdered in her birth country. Sadly, the violence continued in her own home and she came into OzChild’s care when her own father became abusive.

Fortunately, Carla is now living with Kelly and Tim, experienced foster carers who have been with OzChild for over 30 years, but she is not recovering from her past trauma.

Although she desperately needs nurturing, she is constantly trying to control everyone around her and can’t trust that others won’t hurt her. She is also separated from her siblings in an unfamiliar country and culture.

Due to Carla’s history of trauma, she struggles to allow adults to control any aspect of her life.

Carla needs more than just a safe home, she needs therapeutic care to help her bond with her carers, transition into Kindergarten and adapt to her new home, while still having a positive connection to her culture. She also needs to be reunited with her siblings.

If you donate today, Carla can receive additional support so she can stay with her loving foster carers, heal from her past trauma, be reunited with her siblings and learn how to be a playful, curious, trusting child again.

$150 = therapeutic care to help children heal from the trauma of violence or abuse.



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