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Can you provide a loving home for Jane?


Ten-year-old Jane* is outgoing, loves school, and has many interests including basketball, cooking, and arts and crafts; and she enjoys playing with other children.

Jane is currently part of OzChild’s Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) program to help increase her positive behaviour and skills.

Unfortunately Jane’s TFCO placement is scheduled to end in a few months.

And this is where we need your help.

Unlike many of the children in the program, Jane will not be returning to her birth family so we are looking for an open-hearted carer or family to welcome Jane into their home long-term.

Despite having an intellectual disability, Jane is making excellent academic progress at her school where she is a full time student. She especially loves maths, technology, and listening to stories.

The child therapist and skills coach from Jane’s TFCO team report she has made great progress through the program. She has learnt new strategies to help manage her feelings and now happily plays with the other students at the school.

Jane’s current carer has been able to help her behaviour with innovative and creative techniques to engage positive behaviours for the long term.

By rewarding Jane with incentive-based activities this has provided Jane with consistency and boundaries, and encouraged her to practice trying out her new skills such as using good manners.

Training and support will be readily available to the carer to ensure a smooth transition for Jane into her new home and the progress made in the TFCO program continues.

If you think you have what it takes to provide a loving home and continuing care for a bubbly 10-year-old girl, please contact Virginia Papadopoulos on 9212 3947.

*not her real name


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