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Camaraderie important at camp


10 May 2018

Having fun and making new friends were the highlights of a recent camp run for young adults with a disability on the Mornington Peninsula.

OzChild’s Flexible Respite Team regularly run camps throughout the year for young adults with a disability aged 18 to 25 years old at various sites on the Mornington Peninsula.

The focus of the camps is to encourage social interaction, foster independence by giving people choice and control over their decisions and develop life skills.

In early April a camp was held at Merricks Lodge in Merricks, and to encourage social interaction, the attendees were discouraged from bringing their mobile devices. The few who did, agreed to switch them off during the camp.

The camps are jammed packed with group activities where everyone is encouraged to participate. For those that wanted to be active there were old fashioned games like thumbs up, heads down, celebrity heads and card games, while those who preferred quiet time, spent time creating some art work and colouring in.

A highlight of the second day was a picnic morning tea in which everyone had a task to complete in the preparation and clean up. After the morning tea everyone enjoyed a cricket game at Merricks Beach. The ‘test match’ was a very competitive but fun encounter and gave everyone the opportunity to play as part of a team, play fair and bond as a group.

The day finished off with a movie night with everyone bringing their blankets and pillows to the lounge and sharing in non-alcoholic cider and nibbles (very grown up!)

On the last day of camp, everyone enjoyed a stroll down to the local shops and cafes where the campers were encouraged to cross the roads safely and to always be mindful of the traffic around them.

The camaraderie between everybody made the camp so much fun with everyone enjoying each other’s company, making new friends and connections.

Visit our disability services page to find out more about our camps as well as the other disability services we offer.


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