Adam: Supporting disability respite

Adam: Supporting disability respite


Adam is a seven year old boy with intellectual disabilities who visits OzChild’s Valerie May House – a place for children with disabilities where they can stay, go out on fun excursions and provide relief for their families.

Initially, Adam found going to Valerie May House disruptive and intolerable. Planned stays had to be cancelled or cut short, increasing the pressure felt by Adam’s single mother, Michelle who was at her wits’ end. Valerie May House is vital to keeping mums like Michelle going.

OzChild worked with Michelle, developing innovative strategies to transform Adam’s understanding of the trips to Valerie May House, turning them from an intolerable interruption into something he looked forward to.

Now he can’t wait to visit Valerie May House and Michelle is getting relief from the intense demands of parenting a boy with complex needs, so she can rest and take care of herself.

$500 = Help Valerie May House support children with disabilities and their carers.



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