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Fundraising with OzChild active, fun and fulfilling way to show your support for children in need. By joining our events, fundraising in the community and unlocking your networks, you can help OzChild provide services to disadvantaged kids.

At Events
Join Team OzChild by participating in one of our events; head over to our event page to find out more.

At Work
Supporting a charity like OzChild can motivate staff, improve communications with your customers and staff. You can sponsor an OzChild program or make a tax deductible donation or your staff can organise their own fundraising activities or events like trivia nights, charity dinners or fun in the office. We can support you with your activities and promote your businesses as a supporter of OzChild and as supporters of children in crisis.

Some ideas:

  • Host a morning or afternoon tea
  • Run a workplace giving pledge-drive (for a few tax-deductible dollars a month)
  • Create a secret office flashmob then “pass the hat around” once you’ve dazzled everyone out of the blue
  • Start a work fitness team, membership by donation
  • Compete for the best office decorations
  • Uberise it – car pool and raise funds for OzChild’s vulnerable children at the same time
  • Take the stairs – get people to sponsor you to take the stairs up to your floor for a whole week
  • Lift tax – levied on anyone who doesn’t take the stairs to your floor
  • Just about anything you can think of!

In the Community
OzChild are lucky to receive support from schools, sporting clubs, social and community groups who run their own fundraising events.  From charity lunches and dinners, trivia and movie nights, dancing and yoga, we can help you in your fundraising efforts and are happy to promote your activities on our website and social media and celebrate your support.

Get Online!
One of the easiest ways to get donations for your fundraising efforts is to set up a donation page and simply send the link around to your family, friends and networks. Click here to go to Everyday Hero and set up your own page for free.

We’d Love to Hear From You!
Contact Glynis Smalley on 03 9695 2251 or email

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