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Expressions has been a long time in the making and has only arrived after much thought and deliberation by many talented professionals, clients, parents and children - all of whom we thank very much.


The Process ...

We started imagining when asked to create a program focussing on optimistic thinking skills for children 8-18. We needed something that was fun and able to be delivered at home by parents or indeed by young people themselves simply by playing games.

The Expressions card packs are the first components to be released and  we believe will prove to be a foundation item in many professionals' and families' tool kits.  Whether you are 3 or 93, male or female, the Expressions will have you laughing and frowning, sharing and enjoying experiences - whichever way you decide to journey with them.

In developing the Expressions picture pack we were very clear that we wanted the characters to:

  • be genderless
  • have no name
  • be simple
  • be reproducible by anyone
  • relatable to all age groups
  • cross cultural lines
  • be expressive using minimal detail

Be among the first to utilise this fresh new tool for family, class, individual and group work.

For more information and ordering Expressions products please visit Expressions as a part of our Outreach service.