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OzChild advocates for disadvantaged children, young people, their carers and their families. Part of this role is conducting independent research in to the circumstances surrounding these children, and our research journal, Children Australia, is one of the most well respected publications in the field.


OzChild’s research enables our organisation to review and measure outcomes and share information to promote effective service delivery in the child protection services sector.

disability_foster care_research_australiaChildren with a disability in child and family welfare services
Research Report (2014)
Disability in a child adds further complexity to the already complex lives of families, foster and kinship carers. Despite this, and despite the new national disability insurance scheme, research into the extent and nature of disability within the child and family welfare sector is lacking. Nor is there research about effective intervention across the range of services, or about service system strengths and deficits for such children and their families and carers. Yet effective policy, service system and practice development all depend on multi-layered knowledge about these matters.

OzChild’s Children with a disability in child and family welfare services research project explored these areas. The study used the World Health Organisation definition of disability which includes all areas covered by the Victorian Disability Act 2006, but also includes ongoing impairment from trauma and mental illness. The project identified 200 children with a disability out of all 475 children in six OzChild programs at the beginning of 2012.

This briefing is based on the research results which included data on 42 items for all 200 children, a more detailed examination of intervention, outcomes and barriers to achievement of outcomes with 38 or 20% of the children, and detailed case studies of five children with the most severe disability in five of the programs.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first research project within Australia to explore questions of the nature and extent of disability across a range of child and family welfare services. Findings point to ways to improve outcomes for these children.

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Peeling back the layers – kinship care in Victoria‘ is the latest research from Baptcare, OzChild and Anchor into Kinship Care in Victoria.

Peeling back the layers – kinship care in Victoria (2014)

This latest research was conducted in partnership with Baptcare and Anchor, and explores the range and impact of the complexity surrounding statutory kinship care placements. One hundred and thirty children and carers in statutory kinship care in Victoria were randomly selected to participate in the study. The research involved secondary analysis of pre-existing service data, with practitioners extracting de-identified data taken from case notes and included range of demographic, placement, child and carer variables. The research revealed substantial breadth and intensity of complexity among kinship care arrangements. The evidence indicates that the needs of the children and carers are more complex than has been previously recognised in the current kinship service model.

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Children Australia is the official research journal of OzChild Australia and links policy, research and practice related to children, young people and their families across the spectrum of human services.

OZC_Children Australia Journal CoverChildren Australia is a quarterly journal providing an opportunity for professional staff, academics and others concerned with children, youth and families, to report on research and practice in Australia and beyond. The journal is highly relevant to a wide readership, including academics, administrators, teachers, students, mental health professionals, and all professionals working in related human services fields. In encouraging debate and discussion about how to achieve well-being for children, young people and their families.

Children Australia contributes to maintaining the voice of the sector with a view to improving policy, practice and program development.

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