Meet Liz McPhillips -SafeCare® - OzChild

Meet Liz McPhillips -SafeCare®


During her 12 years at OzChild, Liz has worked across our Kinship Program, Home Based Care and Targeted Care Packages before moving into the SafeCare® Program where she is Team Leader and Coach.

Having always worked with young children, in child care, in maternity and in a mother and baby unit, prior to joining OzChild Liz worked also spent four years working in Child Protection.

“SafeCare is an evidence-based program that OzChild rolled out in October 2016. I love that it is a new way of working with families, that it has evidence to prove its effectiveness and that it is a preventative program which hopefully will keep some families out of the Child Protection space.”

But, Liz says “the challenge is building SafeCare’s profile in the sector – getting others to see its effectiveness so that it can grow. It would be so wonderful to be able to see more families benefit from this program.”

Safecare® is an early intervention program designed to address three key risk factors for child abuse and neglect. In delivering Safecare®, OzChild SafeCare® Educators make weekly home visits working through three modules consisting of six sessions each;

• Parent infant/child interaction
• Children health
• Home safety

OzChild was the first Australian Agency to be accredited as a SafeCare® provider.

Liz has three adult children – whom she is very proud of and a grandson, Hamish, who Liz says, “is the light of all of our lives!” Hamish will turn two in July.

In her spare time Liz spends time with her amazing group of friends enjoying sewing and craft, regular trips to the movies and dinner dates. When by herself Liz indulges in her passion for books, spending time reading and likes to relax by the sea.

Inspired by the people she encounters in her everyday work who make a difference in a child’s life, Liz believes the world would be a much better place if everyone gave back, even just a little.

“I also find incredible inspiration from the people I work with. OzChild has become quite dynamic in the welfare sector and I am proud to be a part of that.”

With a passion for making a difference in the lives of children, Liz wishes all children could grow up being able to utilise whatever they need to reach their potential. And live happy lives.


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