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Love, compassion and advocacy leads to award


7 June 2018

A dedication to the children in their care and advocacy for change in the foster care system has seen carers Jennie and Neale Adams awarded the 2018 Elizabeth Tudor Award.

The Award, presented at the annual carers dinner, honours one of OzChild’s Life Members – a woman whose life has demonstrated a strong sense of service to others with the establishment of a support service for immigrant women and mothers and other reach-out services to vulnerable women and children in the community.

Carer Team Leader Amy Mackenzie said Jennie and Neale were worthy winners of this year’s Award as they exemplified the qualities Elizabeth Tudor was known for.

“Jennie and Neale demonstrate a warmth, love and compassion for children and are exceptional advocates for the two girls in their care,” Amy said.

“They are very humble carers who do not recognise the extraordinary work they do each day to support their foster children and ensure the best outcomes for them and other children in care.”

Jennie and Neale were accredited as foster carers for OzChild in 2010 and in early 2011 were approached for a placement of a sibling group of two young girls who were facing a placement breakdown.

The new carers were initially approached for a short-term placement as this was their first placement and the children had quite complex needs due to their trauma background. Seven years on, these two siblings remain in Jennie and Neale’s care, despite the challenges along the way, and Jennie and Neale are committed to caring for the girls until they are 18 and beyond.

Jennie and Neale have shown a true empathy not just for the children in their care, but also for their birth family.

They have been able to support a meaningful relationship with the children’s mother, and ensure that they can remain connected to their mother in a safe and rewarding way.

On top of the care Jennie and Neale provide their two long term children, Jennie is a vocal advocate for change in the system and is a committed member of the Southern Carer Advisory Group, as well as a support to the OzChild recruitment team. She also presents regularly at Foster Care Information Sessions and applicant pre-accreditation training, speaking openly and honestly about the experience of fostering and the rewards this brings.

Congratulations to Jennie and Neale Adams, the recipients of the 2018 Elizabeth Tudor Award.

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