Aboriginal foster child becomes a leader

Aboriginal boy in foster care becomes a leader


An OzChild case manager recently told us about their client’s amazing achievements:

“My client, Luke*, is an Aboriginal boy in primary school with intellectual disabilities. He has been in care with the same carers since he was a baby. He has always been very shy and the carer struggled to get him to be independent in unfamiliar situations.

Despite his challenges, Luke’s Occupational Therapists and carers have been encouraging him to focus on his strengths and use them in positive ways. Their hard work has helped Luke discover confidence within himself.

The first small, but significant step, was gently encouraging Luke to go to the canteen at his local footy club to buy his favourite snacks (with his carer nearby just in case). It was the start of Luke’s journey to realising his own goals and setting out to achieve them.

Since the beginning of those little visits to the canteen, Luke has received nine school achievement awards and has been voted by his peers to be their student representative on the school student council. Luke’s development from a shy, dependent child to a confident, motivated and well-respected boy is wonderful to see and we’re all very proud of him.”

OzChild works with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) in following the Aboriginal Child Placement Principal, to ensure that every Indigenous child placed with one of our carers is connected to their heritage and culture. All our case workers make every possible effort to find all safe relatives, so that each Indigenous child has the chance to maintain contact with their biological family and extended community. OzChild staff are all trained in cultural competency in this area, and our organisation is guided by the Indigenous communities, Elders, consultants and agencies we partner with.

*Name changed to protect privacy


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