3AW: Foster carer Stephen Morris talks to Leroy Brown

Light FM: Foster carer Stephen Morris talks to Leroy Brown


OzChild foster carer and Pastor Stephen Morris discusses foster care with Leroy Brown on Light 89.9 FM.


Stephen has been foster caring with his wife for 10 years and has foster cared for about 30 kids, some for a few days and some for up to 12 months, and have four biological children of their own.

Stephen admits that his wife dragged him along to foster carer training “kicking and screaming” but as they neared completion, he was looking forward to becoming a foster carer. Stephen and his wife’s first foster kids were a twin boy and twin girl, and they’ve had four sets of twins since. Stephen’s kids have “really embraced it”, and his daughter even takes on babysitting the foster kids when Stephen and his wife want to have a night out.

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